WCZQ Radio Named Illinois Country Music Station of the Year 2001.

The 30-year Tradition of Hometown Radio ended on March 22, 2002

Next Media Group, Inc. - WCZQ's station owners in Englewood, Colorado - changed the Real Country format to automated hip-hop at 3:00 pm on March 22, 2002. Listeners mourned the loss of local radio.

Loyal friends, fans & advertisers hosted and attended the Last Bash Breakfast Club from 7-10 am on Friday, March 22, 2002 at Hardees in Monticello, broadcast live on WCZQ. Fred Seibold interviewed dozens of people live on the air.

Below are a few "party pics." Do you have others to share?
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Fred Seibold cuts the cake at the Breakfast Club Last Bash. Dozens of friends put their greetings and signature on the sign and yellow card in the background during the course of the morning.

Clarice Jester visits with Fred Seibold at Hardee's
in Monticello at the Breakfast Club Last Bash. She's retired Vice President - Marketing of First State Bank of Monticello, and spoke on the Breakfast Club many times in bank infomercials.

Fred's cake, provided by Clarice & Ed Jester and friends shows Fred "signing off" for the last time on the Breakfast Club.

Fred interviews Sam Carlin, President of the Illinois Country Music Association. Past President Rick Roy looks on.

Fred interviews Jan Adams, long-time advertiser, retired bank officer, and entrepreneur.

Bruce Nesset "spins your Real Country favorites"
for the last time at the studio.


Linda Miller of Monticello Main Street clowns with MaryJo Hetrick of the City of Monticello Economic Development office during the Breakfast Club Last Bash at Hardee's in Monticello.

Harry Porter of Bement, retired from Country Companies insurance, and heavily involved in Bement Veterans groups, thanks Fred for his tireless help with the Bement Veterans Memorial project.



Double trouble -- Lucia Wilkin and Tom Scott raise a toast to the Breakfast Club at the Last Bash in Hardee's in Monticello.

Crystal Alexander and Terry Jones of the Kirby Ambulance crew enjoy the Last Bash with Fred live on the air.

Fred displays the letter of commendation presented by Congressional Representative Tim Johnson's office at the Breakfast Club Last Bash on March 22, 2002.

F.C. "Sonny" Dodd, a regular visitor on The Breakfast Club and one of the organizers of the Piatt County Trailblazers visits with Fred on the air one last time during the Last Bash.

Brains and beauty times three!

Sisters Mona Peck and Hazel Lindsley enjoy a laugh with MaryJo Hetrick at the Breakfast Club Last Bash.

J.J. Price reminisces with Fred about the
early days of the Breakfast Club when it
originated from Marge's restaurant on the courthouse square in Monticello where J.J. was a favorite waitress with the locals.

Bruce Nesset, the 5:00 hero (5 a.m. that is),
held the wires together for the last time on the Breakfast Club Last Bash as he
"worked the board."

Greg Crawford of CF&H Insurance waits for his turn at the mike while Dean Beazly of Monticello Radio Shack & True Value Hardware sadly says goodbye to the Breakfast Club live on the air. Rick Roy of the Illinois Country Music Association stands watch in the background.

Stan Seevers of Seevers Drainage and the Cisco Area Economic Development group hangs out at Hardee's along with Steve Thomas of the Piatt County Journal Republican during the last hours of the Breakfast Club Last Bash in Monticello. Jay Bullock, Engineering Technician for the City of Monticello enjoys a laugh on the air with Fred at the Breakfast Club Last Bash.

Roy Klevin, station engineer, and former owner of the radio station, laments the change in format and remembers the Good Old Days with Fred on the air.

Ed & Clarice Jester enjoy the party along
with Crystal Alexander at the
Breakfast Club Last Bash on Friday, March 22, 2002.

Fred Seibold proudly displays a heartfelt certificate of commendation presented by State Senator Duane Noland honoring Fred's community service through the medium of local radio.


Above are a few "party pics" of the Last Bash of the WCZQ Breakfast Club. Do you have others to share?
E-mail them to virginia@kestreltech.com for inclusion on this site.

Fred Seibold thanks the advertisers who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on WCZQ from July 1991 to March 2002, supporting hometown radio, and to the countless people who were interviewed on the Breakfast Club all those years. They all made it possible for the WCZQ we knew and loved to work well at improving the commerce and quality of life in the communities of Piatt County and nearby areas. Fred regards his work in Monticello as the high point of his broadcasting career, which he chose to dedicate to small-market radio.

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Phone 217-598-2555
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